Signs, Signs Everywhere

Our world is crowded with signs. From Apples to Zebras, signs offer every product and service we can possibly imagine to sell. Signs are everywhere: posted on buildings, tacked on street corners, rolling on trucks, and wrapped around cars. There are pole signs, road signs, neon signs, and reflective and lighted signs. The options seem endless. Signage can be extremely valuable. It can get your business noticed. It’s purpose is to grab the attention of prospective customers. This will only happen, however, if your signage stands out from the crowd. How can a sign stand out in a crowd of signs? Consider these key points.

Say It

Signage must communicate clearly what you have to offer. A vague sign creates curiosity, but not customers. If understated, it may not be noticed at all. It should be bold and, above all, focused on three things: who, what, and where. Who are you? What do you offer? Where can you be contacted?

Don’t Say All of It

Too much information can lose customers. In our fast past culture, many customers won’t take time to read your message. They don’t want to know your history, charities, five-year goals, and so forth. A sign should spark interest. You have to make the connection before you make the relationship.

Keep It Simple

For best visual impression and consumer recall, signage content should be kept simple. A consumer is likely to see a sign for less than 10 seconds. Images, words, color, effects, and layout must impact quickly.

Make It Visible

Location is important, and so is content. Your sign should be placed where your target customers will most likely see it. It must be bold enough to be read at that location. Signage is effective only if it is in distinct contrast to its environment.

Is your message getting through or is it buried under a wall of text? Does it stand out or blend into the background? Your signage should be as unique as your business. Let Tucson signs company Addisigns make your company’s signage stand out from the crowd.