What’s in a {Company’s} Name?

Choosing your company’s name can be one of the biggest, and most stressful, business decisions you make. You want a name that reflects who you are and what you stand for. You want the name of your company to let potential customers know what your product or service is. You want the name to stand out. In short, you want the perfect name for your company, your baby. Here are some tips to help you navigate what truly may be the most important decision in the life of your business.

Make It Simple

First of all, you want a name that people can spell and pronounce. A name that is easy to say is important. You don’t want to cause confusion right off the bat. It should also be easily understood by everyone. You don’t want to spend your waking hours explaining the story behind your brand or telling people how to say it.

Play With Your Words

Although you want to be straight forward and simple when choosing a company name, don’t be afraid to have some fun with word play. Incorporate words that have something to do with what your business offers. Be clever in a way that is sure to be understood by the majority of your audience. Be sure to use slang or sayings that everyone is likely to know.

Be Original

Show some originality in your name. Don’t copy or play on the name of another in your industry. That’s a risk that invites comparison or scorn. You want to stand out, not be compared to or judged against other brands.

Make Them Remember You

Along the lines of standing out among the crowd, you want to go for a name that is memorable. Think of one that is as memorable as the product or service you so expertly offer. Go with something unique, but beware of trendy. Something that is particularly relevant to the times may not be a wise choice, as it is not likely to be long lasting in its appeal. Choosing a name that your current customers’ kids don’t understand is never a wise move.

Finally, have fun with the naming process. Get some input from others, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Want to make your business stand out? Choose Addisigns, the leading provider of Tucson signs.